A New Journey

This blog begins 4 days before my own wedding.

I refuse to be a “bridezilla”.

A wedding is about a marriage, yes? How have we become so far removed from this concept? Yes, it is a large undertaking. Really, my wedding is mostly DIY (my team consists of primarily myself,  my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law, and my aunts-in-law, with a little ingenuity thrown in from my dad), and I understand how someone could be stressed. But, I refuse to resort to becoming a monster on the wake of the day I marry my favorite companion/lover/friend/person in the universe!

So begins this journey. I wish I had a resource in my two years of planning that shared my sensibility,  so it goes like this…. Here are tips, tricks, ideas, and tutorials (not just a picture “pinned” where you say, “That’s cute/pretty/fun/sweet, but how do I do it??”) for the anti-bridezilla.

I’m ready for a wedding that represents what my marriage will be… you?