Wood. Paint. Sweet, cheap, and easy (good handwriting required!)…
from interest…


Que Cera, Cera

Is it weird that everyone around me seems way more stressed than I am? It will all happen the way it should. Funny story- those that say “try to enjoy the day, it goes by so fast…” are the same people that are spazzing over minor details that will all fall into place! Not only do I trust my own capability,  but I trust that of the people I have intentionally surrounded myself with.
(They’re called my bridesmaids 😉 )

Whatever will be, will be, friends.

3 Days!

From now until after my honeymoon, I will be recapping my own wedding…
Final hair run through today with my fabulous friend/hair guru Autumn.
Lots of braids in the future…
Will post a picture after 🙂

A New Journey

This blog begins 4 days before my own wedding.

I refuse to be a “bridezilla”.

A wedding is about a marriage, yes? How have we become so far removed from this concept? Yes, it is a large undertaking. Really, my wedding is mostly DIY (my team consists of primarily myself,  my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law, and my aunts-in-law, with a little ingenuity thrown in from my dad), and I understand how someone could be stressed. But, I refuse to resort to becoming a monster on the wake of the day I marry my favorite companion/lover/friend/person in the universe!

So begins this journey. I wish I had a resource in my two years of planning that shared my sensibility,  so it goes like this…. Here are tips, tricks, ideas, and tutorials (not just a picture “pinned” where you say, “That’s cute/pretty/fun/sweet, but how do I do it??”) for the anti-bridezilla.

I’m ready for a wedding that represents what my marriage will be… you?