Now for the good stuff!

Wedding now past, calm and cool as a cucumber,  and because I expected the unexpected (as anyone whose wedding party has 9 children ranging from 18 months to 10 years old), it was perfect in every way.


(My husband and I … my fabulous photog sent us her 3 favorite shots within 24 hours!)

Our ceremony started about 10 minutes late, but the fabulous harp player we had kept playing as our guests explored the historic fort that served as our venue. The sky were clear blue and the ocean around us was picture perfect! I was escorted down the aisle by a fully garbed bagpipe player, my wonderful father, and my junior bridesmaid.


(My daddy and I… we kept one another from getting emotional by telling jokes… that ended when my husband hugged my dad and they both started crying…)

Our ceremony, performed by a family member and written by she and I, was less than 10 minutes… and we used that beautiful location for pictures…


The reception was full of sweet personal touches and emotional moments with our families, along with a few surprises (including my dedication of the bouquet to my terminally ill mother and a choreographed tribute to my husband-I’m a dancer…), and our guests cried tears of joy and raved about the overwhelming feeling of love between us…


(First dance…)
It was perfect, in every way.

Now… honeymooning away! More to come… when there’s time 😉



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